Suvayu Sengupta is a student of political science, presently pursuing his post graduation in public administration from Jamia Milia Islamia university, Delhi. He is also an amateur author, with one published book of short stories entitled - "In Midsummer's Ink", and is presently engaged in preparing for another book. In addition to the above, Suvayu is also a public speaker, with an experience of over five years, and a freelance consultant.

An Enquiry of History


  History is, in many ways, like a mirror. It shows us what we are and encourages us to introspect, to explore and discover the ways in which we came to be in the said state, without necessar…

On The Dogma of Practicality


  Amongst the observed virtues of modernity is the idea of practicality. Right from our school days, we are expected to gain proficiency in practical skills and subjects. Once out of high sch…

A Dissection of Privilege


  Is a tiger more terrifying to a peasant than to a zamindar? Why, then, does the peasant flee at the very sight of pug marks that are months old, while his landlord traces the fresh one…